Staying Positive


If you’re like me, you approach 2017 with some trepidation. I’m not afraid to discuss politics. It’s no bother for me to state the actions to Republican party have taken and will take will prove disastrous for this country. They will take years to recover from if we can even recover from them. A part of me views the 2016 election as the election in which the values of freedom, liberty, truth and justice were finally excised from the American political theater.

Despite that, my job still needs to get done, I need to raise my children, pay my bills, and my house needs to maintained. Furthermore, Final Fantasy XI is still running, and there’s still a set of books on my desk that need to read. In other words, despite the challenges that we face, life continues. Operating under a sense of dread and fear is counterproductive. It’s like walking under water, it hampers your actions and slows you down. The only thing to do is to stay positive. That’s the sign of a resilient mind; not allowing the external situations of life from hampering you too much for too long.

The same attitude goes for making small changes to your habits. You slip up, forget to read, you fall asleep rather than meditating. You “break the chain”. You can decide to let that failure end your attempts. You can decide that failure and set backs are a part of the process. You can decide to adjust your system to handle those setbacks. Very rarely does a plan or a process gets executed without an issue. Rather than assume it will assume it won’t, and resolve to course corrections as needed. The ability to recover and stay forward thinking is the most important habit you can learn.

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