When was the last time you thought about humility? Building on my previous post about the Internet, it seems that humility is a skill that’s been lost with the advent of the Internet. Perhaps some people believe humility is meekness. Perhaps some people believe humility is a weakness. It is neither. Humility requires something neither of those two does: self-confidence.

It takes confidence to tell someone “I don’t know”. It takes confidence to tell someone, “I disagree, but I’d like to hear more”. It takes confidence to tell someone, “This idea may not solve everything, but it will solve some things. What do you have in mind?” As humility comes from a Latin word meaning grounded, it’s the state where you can acknowledge and use your strengths, while at the same time, understand your weaknesses. Humility is the counter balance to pride. Pride lifts up and emboldens, while humility grounds. We need both.

Too much pride leads to arrogance and hubris, too much humility is meekness. The former causes you to get carried away, the latter causes you to go unnoticed.

With the in-your-face, I’m-always-right views expressed on the Internet, humility’s importance has never been clearer. We should all ask ourselves if we’re being humble. It’s a mindset and a skill that leads to life long happiness.

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